Group Introduction
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Group Introduction

Group Introduction

        Group Profile
Hengda Group (hereinafter referred to as “Hengda”), integrated with educational management, counseling, and research, is a professional educational investment company engaged in domestic and foreign educational investment with a dedication to the development of international education industry.
Hengda was founded in the year 2009. Through years of development, Hengda has formulated two major business sectors: International Business and Domestic Business. Various programs including international education program, domestic vocational education program, degree education program and vocational guidance and service are being developed in parallel, with a multi-pattern and multi-level school-running structure covering kindergarten, high school, junior college, undergraduate and master education. Currently, Hengda has a total enrollment of more than 15,000 students, 400 full-time and part-time teaching staff with a senior title and 300 plus employees.

        Our Culture:
Company Vision:Build a world-class company and create a global brand of education.
Company Mission:Create a first-class enterprise and first-class talents.
Company core value:People, responsibility, integrity, and innovation.
Company Spirit:Team spirit, innovative spirit, challenge spirit.
Company Ethics:Self-cultivation, dedication, honesty, compliance.
Company Attitude:Superior service subordinates, full staff service students. Finish off the things on a daily basis.

        Philosophy of Hengda
Hengda embraces the operation philosophy of ’observance, honesty, dedication, and innovation’ and serves the purpose of ‘customer’ satisfaction, employee’s confidence and society’s reassurance ’. Hengda cultivates deep in the education field with its high sense of responsibility and pragmatic spirit and by virtue of good start planning, high standard construction, and high-quality management, it ensures each affiliated brand achieving their goals, i.e. good start, high value and high quality. With honesty and unremitting efforts, Hengda will try to draw a glorious and magnificent picture on the development of Hengda and create an excellent global education brand institution.

        (I) Observance 
It means strict compliance with the laws and regulations. Hengda shall carry out operational activities legitimately under laws and regulations as well as industry standards, and meanwhile request and encourages employees to study, know, understand, and adopt the law. Observance is the fundamental of Hengda.

        (II) Honesty 
It means honesty and credibility. Hengda and its employees shall be honest and frank, to keep good faith, to honor their words with real actions, to value and keep promises, and not to fool people. Honesty is the basis of Hengda for its operation.

        (III) Dedication 
It means that the employees shall dedicate to their own jobs with a clearly selected goal, sober value, selfless spirit and earnest & responsible attitude. Dedication is the important premises and a reliable guarantee for employees to accomplish their work. Dedication is the source of Hengda for its strength.

        (IV) Innovation
It means that the employees shall adopt new thinking, set new goals, create new systems, new procedures, new programs, new approaches and new skills to facilitate the improvement of Hengda’s business structure, the transformation of its growth pattern and effective enhancement of core competence. Innovation is the spirit of Hengda for its development.

        Group structure and existing business 

        (1) Domestic institutions 
1. Beijing Hengda Investment Co., Ltd. The group headquarters is mainly responsible for the overall development planning, goals and plans of the group, fund planning, investment, listing preparation and organization. 
2. Zhuhai Hengda Education Technology Co., Ltd. the Group's South China Center is responsible for the specific operations, management, and market development of the South China region. Responsible for unified leadership, management, and resource allocation for functional departments and other subsidiaries, campuses, project personnel, finances, and materials. 
3. Beijing Hengda International Education Technology Co., Ltd. referred to as “International Company”, it is mainly responsible for the development, teaching, and management of international projects of the Group in China, the introduction of quality education resources abroad and the promotion of overseas company business. The international company undertakes the project establishment, evaluation, signing, evaluation and guidance of the group's international projects; it is responsible for managing the operation, enrollment, management, teaching, and student going abroad of various international projects, and is responsible for formulating the student management system and requirements for international projects. The goal of an international company is to introduce excellent foreign educational resources and adopt a variety of school-running modes and operational methods to cultivate international talents. 
4. Beijing Zhizhi Ark Education Technology Co., Ltd. referred to as "Ark Cooperation", it is an education company integrating professional development, education and employment guidance and content development and product service. 
Ark is committed to the concept of “integrity, responsibility, professionalism, and mutual benefit”, and is committed to the development and promotion of vocational skills and quality training courses for college students, vocational skills training, education and training and employment consulting services. Relying on first-class training bases, standardized training courses, rich educational resources and extensive corporate support, we provide services for students to study and employment, and to recruit talents for enterprises. As a service organization for the development and promotion of vocational skills and quality training courses and the orientation and training of talents, Ark is striving to solve the “last mile” problem of college graduates and corporate employment standards, helping China from human resources to human resources. The transformation of a strong country. 
5. Mt Sierra College Asia Office In order to meet the needs of the Group's international development, in accordance with the development plan, work objectives and goals and tasks of completing the global enrollment of Hengda USA Education Company, the Office of the Asian Division of Mt Sierra College was established in Beijing. The Asia Regional Office will now be the sole authorized admissions institution for the Mt Sierra College (MSC), responsible for the enrollment, promotion, and cooperation of the Mt Sierra College in China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other Asian countries.
6. U.S. Higher Education Exchange Association Co. (HEEA) China Office is set up in Beijing for the purpose of enhancing the cultural and educational exchange and cooperation between the United States and China. China Office will be the exclusive authorized body being fully responsible for promoting HEEA, developing cooperation programs in China and providing all-around services for its members.
7. Base on the needs of company going public, our group has set up six management centers in Huabei, Huadong,Huanan,Huazhong,North America and Zhuhai collectively. All management centers are under the Hengda group and established by the Beijing Hengda Investment Co., Ltd. Purpose of these centers is to promote steady growth and be competitive in the field, and their functionality is to develop, research,negotiate and signing up deals, etc.

        (2)Institutions abroad
1. Hengda USA Education Corporation 
Referred to as “American Education”, Hengda USA Education Corporation is an educational investment and management company controlled by Beijing Hengda Investment Co., Ltd. The company was incorporated in California, USA on July 2, 2016, and is located in Monrovia, Los Angeles, USA. Hengda USA Education Company focuses its development strategy on education. In the field of education, the company's main business scope is to invest in and manage the US universities, colleges, branch schools, aviation schools, secondary schools, hospitals, research institutes and other education, science and technology, real estate and other industries that it controls or invests, focusing on promoting China and the United States. Teaching, research, cooperation, and communication.
2. Mt Sierra College(Wholly-owned)
Mt Sierra College is one of the first private colleges in the United States officially certified by the Ministry of Education of China ( One of the long-term cooperation training partnership of Microsoft in the United States; the site organizer of Global Game Jam with University of Southern California; ranked No. 108 in the college rankings done by The Washington Post, Washington monthly; according to the Obama’s College Scorecard, ranked 28th among small undergraduate colleges in California; selected by the American Economic Association as California's 2016 Good Customer Service School; our graduates work for well-known companies and institutions such as Pepsi, Disney, Apple, Paramount Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment, AT&T, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL.
3. U.S. Higher Education Exchange Association  
U.S. Higher Education Exchange Association is a non-governmental educational exchange organization registered in Los Angeles, California, and is an independent, membership-based organization. The purpose of the U.S. Higher Education Exchange Association is to promote international exchanges and cooperation among American universities and to cultivate high-level international talents. The Association will mobilize its various types of higher education resources with the utmost efforts and the most positive attitude, realize the cooperation platform, gather the educational innovation elements, establish extensive contacts with relevant industry enterprises, and build professional ecological goals, and strive to create educational cooperation. 
4. Hengda North America Co., Ltd. 
Referred to as “North American Hengda”, HENGDA NORTH AMERICA, was officially incorporated in California in November 2014. Mainly engaged in education, immigration, real estate, energy and other businesses, is responsible for the R&D and market expansion of the Group's US projects. As a bridge for Sino-US international business cooperation and exchange, we are committed to building an international business for the Group's domestic projects. The company invested in the property of the state of Missouri St. Louis Commercial Street in 2014. In addition, the company has invested in more than 30 apartments in the San Francisco area, and the project is running stable.
5. Los Angeles Technology Corporation 
Referred to as “Luocheng Technology/LaTech”, it is affiliated to Hengda Group and is operated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Mt Sierra College. Luocheng Technology is committed to science and technology innovation and education services as the core. It aims to integrate the local high-quality resources and serve the United States and mainland China by introducing global scientific and technological talents.

        (3) Existing business
1. The Group has always been committed to the integration of education investment, management, consulting and research services, actively expanding educational programs, keeping up with market demand and serving market demand. At present, there are more than 20 mature projects.
(1) International Education Program: Includes international high school, international study train, UK master's degree (3+2), international undergraduate (2+2), Sino-US international undergraduate 2+2, paid internship to the US, study tour, winter, and summer camps and other projects. He also holds one American university, one American high school, and an International Kindergarten.
(2) Vocational education programs (both academic and non-degree): including aviation services, navigation pilots, maintenance, high-speed rail services, hotel management, tourism management, Microsoft, big data, game animation design, international economy and trade, finance with securities, as well as short-term orientation training.
(3) Academic education programs: including self-study exams for higher education, online education, and adult college entrance examinations.
2. The Group is now well known with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology Zhuhai College, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Harbin Engineering University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Central South University, Guangdong University of Science and Technology, and Sun Yat-Sen University. Universities have carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation and established more than 10 campuses (projects) in Beijing, Nanjing, Zhuhai, Harbin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.
3. The Group has built a complete set of aviation training simulation cabins, theoretical classrooms, and a training base integrating food, accommodation, and office. The “Aviation Simulation Training Base” with the main supporting facilities for the B737-800/A320 cabin service training cabin is built. All. The construction of the training base is first of all to better complete the practical practice teaching of the students of our company's vocational education projects, and secondly to provide a strong carrying entity for the development of vocational education projects.

        (4) Functional departments 
1. Marketing Department
Supervising domestic and international marketing business. Conduct market research, provide decision-making basis; undertake project inspection, evaluation, project establishment and drafting preliminary plan; explore research and marketing areas, channels and means; organize implementation and implementation. 
2. Personnel Department 
Supervising personnel and discipline work. Draft personnel rules and regulations process, preparation, salary budget; staff recruitment, appointment and dismissal, attendance, assessment, training; handling employee labor relations, contracts, social security, provident fund, salary, and benefits. 
3. Finance Department 
Supervising financial management work. Implement financial laws and regulations and group rules and regulations, budget, financial revenue and expenditure, budget and final accounts, data statistics, statements and financial personnel management training. 
4. Assets Department 
Supervising assets and infrastructure work. Draft office budget; asset purchase, warehousing, reimbursement, deployment, maintenance, scrapping, inventory, printing, military training, physical examination, insurance, teaching materials, bills; infrastructure projects for approval, project approval, bidding, budget, supervision, and implementation.  
5. Ministry of Education
Supervising teaching and teaching work. Formulate professional settings, teaching plans, teaching run sheets, teaching budgets; supervise and guarantee the quality of teaching, teaching operations; student status management.
6. Audit and Supervision Department
Supervising, inspecting and auditing. The implementation of the national audit supervision laws and regulations and the group rules and regulations, comprehensively exercise audit and supervision functions for all units and work of the group, put forward handling opinions, and issue audit reports.
7. CEO's Office
Supervising administrative affairs management. Draft documents, upload, and release, external liaison, internal coordination; work implementation supervision; conference organization; brand maintenance; management of stamps, websites, vehicles, archives; security work supervision;
8. Management Centers
Responsibilities are, development, research, negotiation, contracts, relationship with partners,students admissions,teaching,management and daily chores.
Hengda Group
July 1st, 2018

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